Raag Lalita Gauri

Prof. Milind Malshe sings an iconic bandish (बंदिश) of Jaipur gharana (घराना) in a double stranded or jod raag (जोड राग), Lalita Gauri (ललिता गौरी)

प्रीतम सैंया दरस दिखा जा

मोरा जिया चाहे|

बिन  कंथ कछु न सुहाये रहिलो ना जाय

सदारंग डारूं गरे बैंया||

As the name indicates, it is a  combination of two raags (राग), Gauri (of Purvi ang) (गौरी, पूर्वी अंग की) & Lalat (ललत). The basic theme is provided by Gauri (गौरी) with komal dhaivat and shuddha madhyam (कोमल धैवत & शुद्ध मध्यम). Lalat (ललत) with its special phrase using both the madhyams (दो मध्यम) is added at different junctures. 

This Sadarang (सदारंग) composition has been considered to be a typical Jaipur gharana (घराना) bandish (बंदिश) set to teentaal (तीनताल) in vilambit lay (विलंबित लय).

NOTE: The Lalita (ललिता) in the name Lalita Gauri (ललिता गौरी) should not be confused with an independent Raag, Lalita (राग ललिता) which uses both dhaivats (दो धैवत).

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