Raag Hindol Pancham

Raag Pancham (राग पंचम) is from Marwa thaat (मारवा थाट). It uses both the Madhyam swars (मध्यम स्वर), and komal Rishabh (कोमल ऋशभ). It is sung in two basic varieties. One variety uses the swar Pancham (स्वर पंचम), while the other omits it. The variety which omits the swar Pancham (स्वर पंचम) is still called Pancham (पंचम) because it employs five swars (स्वर).

Here Prof. Milind Malshe sings raag Pancham (राग पंचम) without the swar Pancham (स्वर पंचम), in combination with raag Hindol (राग हिंडोल). This combination is known as “Hindol Pancham” (हिंडोल पंचम).

The recording is from a private concert, held at Dr Rajashri Joshi’s residence in Nasik, on 19th October, 2019.

Prof. Malshe talks more about the context of this Bandish (बंदिश) in the above video. The Bandish (बंदिश) is set to Roopak Taal (रूपक ताल) and is as follows:

बधावा गावो सब मिल

छत्रपती के दरबार |

होवे मुबारक महाराज

आप को दिन उमर     

हमरे करतार ||

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