Prof. Malshe started learning Music in 1966. His parents & later his wife Charuta, strongly supported him in his pursuit of music. Milind Malshe completed his Diploma in Hindustani Vocal Classical Music from Bombay University. After that he continued to publish in Marathi & English on issues in Musical Aesthetics, musicology & history of music. He developed a course in Music Appreciation which was a popular elective course at IIT, Bombay. He has given Khayal performances & also delivered series of Lecture Demonstrations on different aspects of music & the performing arts. His lectures on Research Methodology for Performing Arts, at Pune University, were published in a book form in Marathi प्रयोगाकलांसाठी संशोधनपद्धती (multiple editions since 2011, लोकवाङ्मय गृह, मुंबई).

This section will provide a glimpse into his contributions to the field of Music Studies & also some of his major performances.