Prof. Milind Malshe comes from a strong literary background. He was exposed to Marathi literature from his childhood. His father Prof S. G. Malshe was a renowned scholar of Marathi literature. Prof. Milind Malshe did his B.A from the Elphinstone College, Bombay (now Mumbai), with English & British History. His M.A was in English literature & Aesthetics from Bombay University. He is mainly known as a teacher & critic of literature in English & Marathi. He has guided Ph. D theses on English & American literature, and also on Indian writers in English. He has translated a key paper on Dalit (दलित) literature in Marathi into English, which has appeared in the anthology – “The Poisoned Bread”. A few of his creative pieces have appeared in the journal, “The Brown Critique”. He has singly & collaboratively published papers on literature, literary genres and literary Stylistics. 

This section will provide a glimpse into his contributions to the field of Literature & literary studies.