Prof. Malshe was a student of Prof. R. B. Patankar & Prof. M. P. Rege when he studied Aesthetics as a subsidiary course at M.A. When his father, the Late Prof. S. G. Malshe translated the Wellek & Warren classic – “Theory of Literature” into Marathi as Sahitya Siddhant (साहित्य सिद्धांत), Milind Malshe was groomed in this process. He completed his Ph. D thesis in the area of Aesthetics & Genre Studies. After that he continued to publish in Marathi & English on issues in Aesthetics & Literary Studies, culminating in his English book, “Aesthetics of Literary Classification”  (2003, Popular Prakashan, Mumbai). He has singly & collaboratively published translations of the writings of Barthes, Foucault & other theorists. He developed courses in Aesthetics at the Undergraduate & Postgraduate levels in IIT, Bombay. He has also delivered series of Lectures on Comparative Aesthetics at NID, Ahmedabad, M. S. University, Baroda, Universities of Mumbai & Pune.

This section will provide a glimpse into his contributions to the field of Aesthetics.